Friday, August 28, 2009


I arrived in Chicago safely, as opposed to dangerously (ty for reminding me). The drive was something like seven hours due to traffic, stopping and so forth. Which is fine, I wasn't in any hurry. I used the time to collect nifty pictures along the road. If there were a better signal strength here in the manse, I'd upload them. Instead you'll have to wait.

There were police everywhere along the way. I'm not sure why. At least three or four times the normal amount. Lots of three-trailer semis too, which should be illegal. They sway all over the road carelessly. There is no reason to have three full sized beds hitched to one truck aside from trying to avoid paying three drivers. There's a reason trains run on tracks and not on roads, afterall.

I also saw an amusingly named hotel. It was called the Saunter Inn.

I had a wonderful time last evening. We watched a great movie from the sixties that I can't even begin to try to spell at this hour and lack the internet fortitude to Google cheat. Hilarious, though. Then we had delicious food and watched Futurama. I also began treatment when I arrived, wasting no time. I'm not as sore as I thought I would be. Hopefully the pain doesn't sneak up on me later.

Finally managed to get enough of a satellite signal through the rain to get online only to almost immediately fall asleep. Sorry about that, guys! I was mighty tired. Didn't help that my bed is huge, my blankets soft, and my pillows here are like laying on fluffy clouds. To complicate matters my laptop crashed long before I woke up to check my messages. So it's like last night never happened!

It is rainy today, too. I think I brought the weather with me. Even now, I type this in Word because signal strength plummeted so low I lost connectivity of any sort. I am so far secluded from other humans that when the weather gets particularly bad like this, I even lose the signal on my cell phone. /boggle

Thankfully I thought ahead and brought a bag of books to read and a sketchpad (that I am using as a mouse pad because I forgot that). I love the rain, but I do hope it lets up soon. Aside from the internet I would like to go draw at the end of the pier at the lake. That just seems all sorts of nice.

Edit: You may notice various references to the obscene time this was written and given it is 9pm now that make's little sense. The reason is I originally wrote this at around 7am and only just now managed to find a room with high enough elevation to find any internets!

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