Friday, September 16, 2011

How to Make Eating Cookies More Fun

You probably do not think it's possible, but it is. You can have twice as much fun eating cookies as you thought you could. All it requires is a freshly untouched package of cookies and one or two of your best friends. Alternatively your greatest rivals.

I came up with this yesterday when Aaron brought out the new package of Nutter Butters and we instinctively each grabbed a cookie from a different row. It's kind of like an eating contest, except that it's more like a race. Nutter Butters only come with two rows though, so if you have more than two people, a different cookie choice would be necessary. Oreo cookies would make a good standard, as they have three rows of cookies.

This is the game board:

You start by opening the package of cookies and setting it somewhere in the middle of the two (or three) of you. If you have more than three friends over, you may have to buy more than one package of cookies. Then, you start eating cookies as fast as you can while still enjoying them. A glass of milk may be permitted on the game table to serve as a swallowing aid. *The first person to eat all of the cookies in their row wins!

*You must have swallowed the last cookie first in order to win. Still having the cookie in your mouth, chewing, does not make you the winner.

What do you win? Satisfaction! Alternatively perhaps more cookies?

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