Monday, June 21, 2010


So this month hasn't been all doom and gloom (read: waiting impatiently). Though it's been quite a while since an update took place. Take that however you will.

I drew the crap out of the first part of this month. Like ink and paper were going to go out of style. Now I haven't drawn anything for a week or more. It feels weird. As if I'm obligated to not allow that to happen or something. Though not in a bad way or anything like that. Just in an odd way.

I went to another party a few weekends past and had a great time. Someone else going away. I think it's the summer trend. People leaving. We dominated a game of beer pong and a game of Family Feud on the Wii. Well, Lena and I dominated the beer pong. Lindsey and I got thrashed playing Family Feud. I think those boys should play game shows for a living. Or at least Family Feud. They knew more about what goes into a woman's purse than two women did!

I've played much Portal and stand now at the end of the proverbial road. The only thing preventing its completion being a lack of ginger and a fondness for not wanting it to be over. Some friends and I have been passing the time in Borderlands and Left 4 Dead 2, too. Meanwhile Aaron and I beat Dawn of War II then proceeded on to the expansion Chaos Rising and beat that as well. The traitor in our chapter was quite a surprise! Then of course, Dragon Age. Lots of gaming goodness.

One of my sisters Stan Marshed me into one of those damn facebook games and is trying to lure me back to Warcraft. I can think of several hundred reasons not to. However good of an idea it may seem when direly bored. Which actually isn't that often right now, but happens every great once in a while. I can only think of one legit reason I'd consider playing again and well, it's not my sister, though I love her dearly.

I took my mom to the movies and dinner for her birthday. We saw the new Karate Kid, in which the martial art being used is actually kung fu, but it's still the same premise. Which is why it bears the name. Too many people are willing to waste all their time getting hung up about the technicalities rather than actually experience something for themselves and forming a real opinion. It was actually pretty good. A very nostalgic movie choice, and Jackie Chan is always a bonus to any movie. My only real complaint is the camera work. It had that whole "free range" thing going on with lots of spinning and shaking and bouncing and what have you. All of which makes me dreadfully dizzy.

I should have stashed some ginger in my purse.

Speaking of things for watching. Another show to keep us busy until The Office comes back had to be found. We ended up speeding through all the available episodes of Caprica (whoops) and had to find another other show! So we got a hold of Jericho, which had a very promising first season before being canceled and picked up for a seven episode second season. Even so, it's still worthwhile to watch. I recommend it. Now that True Blood has returned all is well again in my scheduled weekly viewing department. Though you can never have too many good things to watch.

This weekend for Father's day we took my brother's kids so that he could have a nice quiet day with his wife. I played a game of golf with Jaiden, who was far too excited about golf for any one person that size. Then we caught a toad and, "took it home," saw a daddy longlegs also going home, and ended the day with a game of T ball. Mind you all the sports equipment being used was brightly colored plastic and made to scale to a 5 year old's height. So I did a lot of crawling around on my knees.

Yes, there's a joke there.

I've got several appointments on the horizon, including my obscenely long Sleep Study on Wednesday and the follow up to that, provided we can get a date for it before I'm gone. I wonder if the doctors are going to make me breakfast again? This time without the radiation of course. Speaking of being gone: bumped up the moving plans from the end of July to the beginning of July. Ideally by the tenth I'll be living across the land full time! But most of you already knew that.

Before that I have many things to do. Including a trip to Michigan. Which will have to be planned soon. So if you're one of my Ohio or Michigan friends, better get me while you can. It's going to be a hectic few weeks and you know I would hate to miss out on seeing any of you before I'm out of here!

In other news: Gobi is doing fantastic, Neelix is spectacular (as ever), and all of my brother's kittens are healthy and almost ready to be adopted. Hint hint. All in all things are rad. Except this bug bite. It is opposite of rad and itches fiercely.

I covered all sorts of things in this I hadn't planned to. I originally meant to just sort of sum up the last couple of weeks in a paragraph, but as this cat lay here in my lap forbade me to move to go do anything else, all manner of words happened. Oh well, consider it compensation for the epic lack of updates since June 1st.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day

Sunday was the dedication for Jason Hernandez, it was a really moving event. A clear blue sky and a field bathed in warm light really set the mood. The speeches given moved the crowd to tears, even those who didn't know him were crying when John, Jason's Father, read a letter written by Jason before he died.

I made a post about it way back when, but as a refresher, Jason was a soldier serving in Iraq when a improvised explosive device killed him in 2007. On his 21st birthday no less. More than that he was a son, brother, husband, and a friend to all who knew him. A kid we all grew up with.

He had such an impact on everyone's lives that the primary road in our city, Route 43, has been renamed after him so that he will always be remembered.

I ran into a bunch of old friends from school after the ceremony. People I had not seen in a face-to-face sort of way in far too many years, though we've always kept in touch. Like Makenzie, Mel's beautiful daughter. The last time I saw her was when I held her the day she was born, at the hospital. Now she's a kid grown, full of opinions and that faux independence we all flaunted as children. No amount of shared pictures could have done that justice. I look forward to seeing them all some more before I move permanently.

As an aside, I hope you all had a pleasant Memorial Day. I did! There was an array of tasty BBQ food, hard lemonade, and plenty of good company. Never forget what the day off of work is for though.