Sunday, August 30, 2009

Pasta in Clam Sauce

My uncle is a superb chef. He made the best pasta I've had in a really long time last night. Haven't had pasta anywhere near that tasty since my grandfather used to take me to this little old Italian guy's place called Joe's in Detroit. Back when we used to go to the theatre. Ironically, Joe wanted to be a barber. Go figure.

The internet here is as I expected it to be. Perhaps a scoch worse due to the weather. It's sunny today, but it has yet to truly improve. I've yet to get a reliable signal in my room here (sparrow room). When I want to be online I either need to go to the pier or to the room I stayed in last time (monarch room). Oh well.

Speaking of the pier, I got some sketches done there yesterday, dropped my eraser into the lake. Luckily it floats. Have yet to read, not enough alone time to get into it really. I played Sims 3 this morning for some silly amount of time due to a lack of anything else. I made a super fat guy and experimented to see how long it would take to make him super skinny. It didn't take very long. I was disappointed.

Received some crappy news today. I don't really want to talk about it, though. So I won't.

My uncle also made me some brownies. I'm eating one right now. Delicious, healthy brownie. I may go out to the lake again in a bit. I'm undecided. Part of me wants to go hang out in the lovely weather while the other part of me wants desperately to cling to every tiny bit of internet I can find, knowing it will be gone all too soon. Perhaps I'll be an uber nerd and take the laptop down to the water with me. We'll see.

There was a wasp in my bathroom (caramel room) the other morning. I didn't have my hearing aid in and was leaned in towards the mirror putting on mascara so I couldn't see it either. Even so, for some reason I stepped back and looked over in it's direction. One of those gut instincts, I suppose. A feeling you just can't shake until you give in to it. Good thing I did. Wasps are an Inari's natural enemy.

I've been sweetening my coffee with honey instead of sugar while here. It's pretty tasty I must admit. What I found interesting is the honey is vintage. Older than I am. Evelin's mother kept it up until she passed away, then Evelin inherited it. I didn't know untouched honey kept so long and in fact actually improved with age, like wine. Untouched, mind you. Once you start dipping into it you introduce contaminants that'll spoil it with time. Learned something new!

Everyone is gone today. It's just me and Lovey, my aunts toy poodle. That dog is a genius. Everyone keeps waiting for it to actually say something. She's become my little buddy. Much to everyone's surprise. They know I'm good with animals, but the dog is picky and aloof with everyone but my aunt and grandfather. She practically begs for me to pay her mind. It's cute. If Evelin and I go into separate rooms she stands halfway between, torn.

Won some money on the Travers race yesterday. Wanted to see if I still had my childhood knack for picking ponies. I do. Sadly I'm here, not there and just took these people's money. Haha. They shouldn't have bet against me. At least not my grandfather, he knows all too well my ability to pick a horse.

Step 1: Ask how many horses.
Step 2: Listen to answer.
Step 3: ????
Step 4: Victoly!

I'm still not sore from treatment. I keep waiting to wake up unable to move, but it hasn't happened yet. Fingers crossed.

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