Monday, August 3, 2009

Counting Hours

I lost internet at 9pm yesterday. Meaning it's been out for over sixteen hours. In that time I have read 1/4th of a book, finished 5 sketches (including the mother of all detail sketch), played more Sims 3 than I could think of things to do in Sims 3, and completely slain two pots of coffee.

To make matters worse, the number for my ISP is out of service. So I couldn't even call to complain.

If we're counting, which judging by the title we are, that makes two Sundays in a row my internet has prevented the slaying of e-monsters for virtual shinies. I'm going to go upload things before it goes out again and I have to /emo.

Edit: I had to /emo because the moment I posted this blog and went to upload, the internet went out, again. Just came back... let's hope for longer than five minutes this time.

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