Saturday, August 15, 2009

Belly Full o' Almonds

Home at last. It felt like today's running around was never going to end.

There was a minor crisis this morning when I came to the realization that my social security card is in Florida. You need those to get IDs renewed these days. I didn't panic though, I know things always work out in the end somehow and thus couldn't help but giggle at the situation, much to everyone else's annoyance.

Which, low and behold, things worked out. I can now board the plane next weekend ID in hand.

Shopping was shopping. I got tons of food, spent tons of money. Nothing new there. I forgot to mention in the other blog that I had a hair appointment this afternoon at the spa. So, I had a hair appointment this afternoon at the spa. It was fun. Being pampered is always nice.

I get bored easily. New hair color is new.
Then it was off for my blood work. Turns out one of the tests had been inappropriately performed, so basically this was a do-over. The vial was supposed to have been frozen and it wasn't. All of the actual nurse people had already left so the rotund, nervous lab tech came and did it. Horribly. He kept clamoring around for things and losing things and when he stuck me with the needle he did so like you see on TV medical shows. Like House or E.R. -- where they literally stab you with it for no reason.


By then I was super light headed (had to fast for the blood test, also have to fast tomorrow, thats like barely any food all weekend) so I took my mother out for Chinese food. Sooooo much Chinese food.

Still no sleep. Who sleeps at 6pm on a Saturday?

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