Tuesday, April 21, 2009

So I Had This Dream

I have a lot of cool dreams, but some just have to be shared. Like this one in all it's oddness!

For one reason or another, Brook and I were driving around in the city I was born in, which is strange enough since I haven't been there in over 10 years but it gets better! We're driving around and we get stopped because the guy in the car ahead of us is talking out the window to two young ladies on bikes. Holding up traffic. One of the girls starts to ride away, and Brook gets out of our truck to talk to her.

I'm still sitting in the vehicle for a while longer and then I get out and go to the girl talking to the person in the car ahead of us. I ask her if I can have her bike, to which nods and gets off handing it over to me. She gets into the car with the guy she was talking to, and then Brook asks if he can have the other girl's bike and she gives him hers. So now we are riding bikes around the city I was born in.

We're chatting casually as we ride along, when all of a sudden, for no real reason I could figure out -- I fell off my bike. In my mind I remember thinking, "No big deal, just a bit of pavement burn." But apparently in the dream I had broken my elbow. Brook helps me up and decides we must make haste to the nearest store to tend to my wounds, leaving our bikes behind to walk.

As we are walking, I run into my older sister. Brook goes ahead of us like some sort of scout and we walk on together. She doesn't seem concerned at all that I'm injured, or find it odd that we both happen to be in the city neither of us have been in for some many years. We walk on a sidewalk laced with apple trees on either side. High in them Lady Bugs are waking from their winter slumber.

The Lady Bugs open their shells as if to fly away, only instead a bunch of tiny Lady Bugs tumble out with parachutes. I guess the tiny ones couldn't fly yet? I have no idea. One got in my mouth though, and I remember feeling it wiggle it's tiny bug feet against my cheek as I tried not to squish it and get it out. It is seemingly harder than it sounds and it takes me some time.

We get to a gas station and my mom is there, like she had super maternal spidey senses or something, and I wait as she and Brook look frantically around the store for something to tend to my injuries with. I don't know what exactly they were looking for, but the store didn't seem to have it. At one point my mother confronts the guy behind he counter for answers, but he doesn't speak any English.

It was ridiculously hot inside the gas station despite only being early Spring, so we leave to try elsewhere. Then I woke up.