Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ribbon Cutting Fun

Your ribbons, we cut them!

So I was invited to the official ribbon cutting ceremony for the new hospital because of my mother's position as leader of the free world. This should be fun. It combines several of my favorite things: hospitals, rich people, and champagne.

Therefor I'll be gone for a few hours this evening to attend that. Ironically the internet will probably be dapper the entire time I'm not home and then go out soon as I walk back through the door. It always seems to be working well when I don't need it to be and gone completely when I do.

In unrelated news after much internal debate, I could no longer resist and ate my last M&M. Note the mouthful of delicious regret once it's realized there are no more to be eaten.

 Also unrelated news, we had a hornet nest in the foundation of the house up here so we filled it full of cement... only the ingenious little bastards burrowed out through the other side into the basement now. So there is a house full of angry hornets buzzing around. You know the worst thing about hornets? They can sting you multiple times. What's even worse than that? I'm deadly allergic to them.

I'm all bunkered down with the door shut and a towel at the bottom to try to prevent any from sneaking in like ninjas to assassinate me. It's like Blackhawk Down in this place. I don't think we have another epipen handy, maybe they have some available at the new hospital. That would be convenient, I'll be there for hours tonight anyway!

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