Thursday, August 20, 2009

Like OMG

I'm slowly running out of time online! In less than an hour I will be at the airport causing a ruckus with security, no doubt. Then it's milling about with a lack of anything to do for two hours while I wait to board. Then I fly through the sky to Chicago! After a few days there I drive, across the ground if we're counting, to Detroit! Two, two big cities in this little journey. I'm thinking large.

I decided to wear a skirt today. A skirt. Yes. Absurd. I know. Also, a hat.

You better be looking at the coffee pot.
Also, a hat!
To those of you in Illinois: I'll see you soon.
To those of you in Michigan: I'll see you later.
To those of you anyplace else: It'll be a while.
To the Internets: Distance, heart, fonder, etc.

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