Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Another Year +1

So it's my birthday, as of today I'm 1 year older than I was yesterday. Most  people, especially women try to resist the aging process. I embrace it. Maybe it's because I realize I'll always be a child at heart.

You already saw what I got from my mother, the Pantech Duo (phone with keyboard), and she is also repairing my chocobo pocket watch for me.

My grandfather sent me a necklace, I have yet to get any pictures of that though. It's an onyx circle with the Chinese symbol for Longevity on it encrusted with diamonds with a half sphere of red jade in the middle. Very pretty.

Chris is getting me the remake for FFIV on the DS when it comes out. <--- He did not do this, jerk. Which really should have come as no surprise, he never got me anything for my birthday. He'd always make a promise then immediately break it.

Last Sunday we celebrated since everyone had to work on Tuesday. We went out to Rocknes for dinner then came home and had cake and icecream. Yum.

I'd like to thank you all for the well wishes today, those who sent or called them to me. <3

Sunday, April 6, 2008

A New Toy

My birthday is coming up and as most of you know I text message more often than I call people because it’s more convenient for me (someone who can’t hear) to carry on a text based conversation long distance than it is to try to carry on a voice conversation long distance.

This has always been somewhat of a chore for me because my cell phone had no keyboard. So it would take me forever to reach the letters I wanted, often by the time I had typed up my entire reply the person I was replying to would have called wondering why I hadn’t responded.

So as an early gift my mother bought me a dark red Pantech Duo, a cell phone which has a slide out number pad as well as a slide out standard keyboard. This means great things when it comes to my ability to communicate with family members and friends long distance (nonface-to-face). It’ll not only be quicker but less irritating as well.

Other neat things is that it is loaded with Windows and lots of little games, because as we all know I’m a PC solitaire pro. To the max!

When I turned the phone on for the first time I already had 2 text messages from my mom, saying things about how it’ll be easier for us to talk now and other heartfelt motherly stuff. She had set the phone’s background image to an image of the rest of my presents all wrapped up and waiting for me. I actually have to wait until the 15th to open any other gifts, though.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Spring Time, It is Here

It has finally stopped snowing long enough for things to turn green around here.

While I love winter, especially how the snow glimmers under the dim lighting at night... I absolutely adore tulips and they start making their first appearances in the beginning of April after the last flurries have come and gone.

I felt a little bad for the birds, they had flown up from their Winter get away in the South around March 25th, and as soon as they got here they got snowed on. Poor little birdies. To make it worse, they had to have been very hungry.

They are chirping in delight today, the sun is out, it’ nice and mild outside -- probably plenty to eat. They’ll be building nests soon which means only the coolest thing ever: baby birds!

By the way, Crisis Core? Still awesome.