Sunday, August 23, 2009

Long Drives & Weddings

The stay in Chicago was good times. As always. How can you not have fun in a mansion on the lake? Honestly. I didn't get much sleep before the drive to Michigan though, so the journey was something awful. I don't even remember falling asleep the night before, just that I was awoken less than three hours later. I kept trying to sleep in the car, but people were insistent on talking to me so that was impossible.

Someone confronted, "I thought you were going to sleep on the ride?"
I'm like, "How? You keep talking to me. I can't do both!"
Not that I mind conversation, but don't ask me why I haven't slept when you've made sure of it the whole way! Haha.

Driving through Illinois is a neat thing. Driving through Indiana is boring as hell. I think the most exciting thing I saw in Indiana was a flock of sheep. Illinois has Chicago to go through, Michigan has Detroit. Indiana has... yeah.

Ben's wedding was great. I got to see a ton of people I have not seen in something like 10-15 years. As well as some people I have never met before. It was amazing. I think they will do well together.

We had an awesome time. Highlights include Holly climbing a tree in high heels, capturing toads beneath the tables, Heidi catching the bouquet, Ben getting cake-faced, dancing until the cows came home, playing drunken Tetris Attack (??), and passing out trying to watch Transformers 2. Oh and plenty of Jell-o shots.

I think I've hit my monthly alcohol quota.
 I don't check out of this suite until Monday afternoon, so there will be no time for monster slaying this evening. Unfortunate if I didn't have a ton of fun things to do irl because rumor has it we'd be killing some uber monsters tonight.

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