Saturday, August 8, 2009

Peaceful Internets and Angry Hornets

Internet guy came at last. Replaced a section of wiring and also gave me a new modem. Things seem to be working, at the moment, so I'm happy as a clam.

Happier than this clam at any rate:

Waiting for him meant I had to stay awake. All day. I'm running on coffee and sugar at the moment. Sleeping now would mean my schedule is completely fraked, so I figure I'll just stay up longer and make it 24 hours. Why not?

I got to catch up on one of the shows I watch while waiting though. I was so right in my instinct of what ancient mythological creature a certain someone was! It just so happened to be rerun day on HBO or something. Before that I drew a couple of things in graphite that I'll need to ink and get up now that the internet is reliable (supposedly).

Hopefully this means no more 19 hour internet black outs, or random drops in the middle of conversations/gaming/uploading.

I think that perhaps the hornets and I share a psychic link. Like the Arbiter and her Scourge confetti. Why? Because for all the internet frustration and lack of assistance from my ISP the hornets attacked the technician on sight. Dive bombed him the moment he hit the bottom step. The very bottom step I'd seen at least 12 times prior without incident and I'm rather known for my profound ill luck. They must have had it out for this guy because they knew deep down that I had it out for this guy. It's clearly the only reasonable assumption to jump to.

Don't worry, he was unharmed. Scared the piss out of him though, which admittedly made me giggle.

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