Saturday, May 29, 2010

William Riker's Beard

I thought this weekend was going to be a bummer for several reasons. Most notably a certain someone being out of town! However, this weekend managed to be fabulous.

I went to a party at The Liz, followed by a party in a pool where drunken clothed swimming took place. I'm fairly sure all of my favorite people in Ohio were there. To make it even better, I got to make a Will Riker reference and a Ferangi reference in the same night -- and both were gotten. That's pretty amazing.

Where am I?!
Today when I woke up Starwars was on TV (always cause for celebration), and I didn't know what was going on. Why did I smell like chlorine? Where did my other earring go? The mystery was solved by a note I had drunkenly written myself before bed. I didn't lose actual memory from last night, I just didn't get enough sleep so when I woke up I was still drunk.

Later I got to go play with not one but seven kittens! They were super cute in their wobbly eyes-just-opened state. Speaking of kittens, in a few more weeks they'll all need homes! So if you're looking for a friend (or a replacement for your Companion Cube), let me know. On the way home I went to an icecream stand and got a waffle cone. Mmm, waffle cones...

I have no closing statement for this entry.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Month to Kill

I realize now after writing this that the title sounds like I'm some contract killer or rebel soldier or something and I only have one month to kill my targets before the time is up. If I don't meet the deadline, I get dead? I don't know. I don't think I thought this through.


The hospital, my doctor's office, and their various phone-slaves finally mustered up enough team coherence to reschedule my sleep study. What was a speedy, "four days from now," is now an obnoxious, "one month from now." June 23rd. Which naturally pushes back all of my other scheduled appointments as well, since they rely on information provided by this one. Also, it's been changed from a daytime sleep study to an all night sleep study followed immediately by an all day sleep study. So I'll be effectively removed from society for 24 hours.

I have no idea how I'm going to entertain myself during this time frame. Lots of reading, I presume. Doctors are seldom interesting enough to hold a conversation with past the 5 minute mark. I've met enough to know. I'd bring my sketchpad, but then I have to deal with the constant inquiries. Asking me what I'm drawing, where I learned to draw, if I do it professionally, my inspiration, and what sorts of mediums I use. Like it's some sort of arcane magic they've never before seen first hand. It is very difficult to draw anything with someone over your shoulder distracting you every three minutes.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day Space Marine

I took my mom out to brunch and bought her a book for Mother's Day, then treated her to gourmet coffee. Don't forget your mothers this weekend, guys. They love you! You're never too cool to love your mommies, I don't care who you are.

Every now and then I get the urge to actually go out and shop for things aside from groceries. Rare but not unheard of. Particularly, I find myself in much need of clothing. I can never take shopping for clothing seriously though because you just stumble upon such whacky clothes you can't help but imagine what sort of crazy person actually buys them. This makes shopping more fun though because I make a game of it. If I can find the absolute ugliest, most bizarre item on the rack, I win. If I can fit into it, I double win. If someone gets a picture of me making an ass out of myself, you win (but I won twice).

Mission accomplished!
I passed a quarter machine at the mall and was sad to learn I held no quarters whatsoever. Though I magically had a single dollar. I NEEDED more balls for my collection. Not ten steps away -- I found a change machine. Cha-ching! Balls +2.

My quest for a dual timezone watch is finally at an end. In lovely sterling silver, I can now keep track of time in Ohio and California simultaneously! Best part? By being nice I got the clerk to add the watch I wanted to the current 50% off sale. Only thing better than stylishly keeping time on both coasts? Doing it for 50% less.

When isn't a good time to be a Space Marine? Never, that's when. While meandering about waiting for pretzels to cook, GameStop happened. I figured I was due another game for my DS to make waiting rooms and airports less boring. Let it not be said digging through the clearance bin never pays off. Once you get passed all the teen idol games and movies made into a game games, you may actually find something worth paying for.

I also bought several Magic cards and when I got home to have a gander at them noticed someone threw in extras for free. How dapper. Free stuff is always great! Aaron says, "The amount of free stuff received is inversely proportional to the amount of clothes worn.  You probably could have gotten a lot more!" He's probably right.

Friday, May 7, 2010

The Weather

I absolutely adore this weather. Despite the fact that it keeps making the electricity go out. I love it.

Darkness and lightning, rain and hail, wind and thunder...

I've got the window open, I can smell the storm on the air, drink my tea, and read my book. Life is good.