Thursday, July 31, 2008

2 Hours of Boring

Went in for my MRI today. Had a lot of set backs both prior to leaving and after I finally arrived. Worst of which was the fact that my thumb kept cramping/twitching during the MRI causing the technician to have to start over from the god damned beginning. So I laid there for 35 minutes only to start again from scratch, each scan takes 5 minutes a piece. What's normally a 40 minute process took an hour and 30 minutes.

Finally got out of there and they even remembered to send me home with my films so that I may take them to my radiologist next week. Hopefully they'll find nothing wrong outside of the radius fracture we already know of. We'll see. I'm so tired... yawn.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Good & Bad News

My doctor's appointment was this afternoon. I had another set of X-rays done which revealed the good news: my scaphoid is okay. No surgery! This also revealed the bad news: what they suspected was a hairline occult fracture of the radius 2 weeks ago, which should've been significantly better by this time, has revealed itself to be in fact worse now. I have no idea how, I have kept the brace on as told... 24/7 except when showering.

Figures though.

I go for an MRI on the 31st to check for damage to the soft tissue since the injury still hurts so damned badly and there is weakness in the thumb unassociated with the fracture. So, I'll have to keep you posted on the results of that test after it's done and reviewed. For now we're continuing treatment via brace rather than cast, I really don't want to wear another cast allllll summer.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bloodscalp Innari Is Not Me

It has come to my attention that some crazy fat girl who's a friend of a friend has been posing as me in World of Warcraft -- a game which I have not played in months -- linking sexually deprived men to my myspace page trying to convince them that she is me. Is she that desperate for e-attention?

To make matters worse, she is using my likeness not only to con decent man-folk into giving her virtual money and items in game, but she is using my likeness to con decent man-folk into paying for her subscription, sending her money, and sending her real world items.

So I'll just make this clear here and now: Inari, Innari, or any variation thereof from Bloodscalp is not me, never was me, and never will be me.

Also just for the record boys and girls, I do not use Inari as my ingame name in MMORPGs for obvious reasons. So anyone claiming to be me by that handle is probably either an unattractive girl insecure about her looks, a man, or both.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Testing, Testing 1-2-3

So I had another doctor's appointment concerning my scaphoid this week, they think there may be something wrong outside of the bone damage.

Good news is I got a choice this time between a cast or a 24/7 splint. Naturally I lept at the opportunity to shower normally and took the splint. I have to wear it nonstop, except when showering, for the next 2 weeks until I go back to the doctor's. If I don't keep it elevated and stationary they'll punish me by making me wear a cast for the 2 weeks instead.

If the pain is no better at all in 2 weeks I'll have to get an MRI and/or a bonescan to determine the extent of damage and the possibility that soft tissue was also damaged in the fall. The way my doctor spoke wasn't very comforting. Sounded like she might suspect something went wrong the first time I broke my scaphoid making this injury worse than normal.

Let's hope not. I don't do surgery well. Every time I have had to go under the knife I had the worst possible post-surgery outcomes. For example when I had surgery on my throat I suffered unforeseen side effects from the muscle removal and had to relearn how to speak. With my luck if they need to do surgery on my hand to repair it they'll wind up amputating it.

I'll keep you posted.