Thursday, February 26, 2009

Come With Me If You Want To Live

I am a very logical person. Anyone who knows me knows I react with reason first and emotions last. Friends joke that I am able to completely separate my personal feelings from myself like a Vulcan or a robot. Though the later implies more that I have no feelings which is untrue. I obviously as a person have them, I just never let them rule me.

That's not to say that I look down my nose at those who do, or anything like that. This is just how I am, for whatever reason. It's neither better nor worse than being another way in my opinion. I have a lot of compassion for people, despite not being emotional myself. I feel really bad when a friend is hurt, and I get nervous when someone is sick, or anything like that. I simply don't display it for the entire world to see.

The other day my friends were joking about how during really sad movies they will start to cry and I will just sit there as if it didn't effect me at all. I'll be interested, but not teary eyed in the least. Like a statue or something, not even a frown. One of them said, ''I'll be sitting there crying like a little girl and then Inari will just slowly turn her head and stare at me, like a terminator or something.'' and then proceeds to demonstrate.

Now this alone isn't that entertaining, but later that day we got together to watch House and in the episode...

Spoiler --->

Taub confronts Thirteen about the alleged end of her relationship with Foreman. During this he jokes about Foreman's lack of emotion and the scene played out EXACTLY like the one about myself earlier in the same day. He's like, ''This is Foreman on the happiest day of his life. *turns to look at her with a straight face*'' then he is like, ''And this is Foreman on the saddest day of his life. *turns to look at her with a straight face*''

I'll have to find the video on youtube. I'm sure someone has uploaded it by now.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Way To be Creepy

The other day while grocery shopping, I think I was almost abducted right from the store. I noticed some guy kept stalking me through the isles staring. Literally, in the unblinking sense. Which is pretty weird on it's own, right? So then I am headed down the cereal isle, because I love me some cereal, and I get this uneasy feeling in my stomach like, ''Turn around!'' which is odd because I'm deaf and there is no way I could have heard his approach or anything of that sort. Yet when I turned around BAM! Right on top of me, almost in my back pocket, was this man giving me the creepiest look. Something like you'd see a cat give a goldfish right before he swallows it whole.

He just gives this crooked smile and says, ''May I help you?'' his lips probably about 5 inches from my eyelashes, not kidding. I'm like, what the hell? I should be the one asking questions! I just gave him a sort of strange look and pretending not to be totally weirded out but just confused. He backed off but continued following me around the store up until check-out. He did not go so far as to stalk me into the parking lot. Thankfully.

What a strange day.