Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Rebel, Maow

In our household, I am in charge of the chores. You know, daily things such as washing the dishes or changing the litter box and weekly things such as doing the laundry, dusting, or sweeping. In trade, Aaron is solely in charge of the cooking. He's the better cook anyhow (understatement of the year right there). Once or twice a month, as needed, he will help me do a complete top-to-bottom cleaning of the apartment. All in all a fair arrangement, considering most of the meals he prepares for us are made from scratch. Not cheap frozen dinners or anything like that.

However, about once a month I become overwhelmed by these mundane daily tasks. The addition of even one more tedious activity on my to-do list causes a cascade effect and the end result is a revolt against tedium in the way of refusing to do ANYTHING. That's right. I do not simply decide not to do the chore which caused the rebellion in the first place, or even the other boring tasks which had lead up to this point. I completely stop functioning altogether. Dishes go unwashed. Art goes unfinished. Tea isn't brewed. If it were not for Aaron, dinner would go uneaten because I'd refuse to cook for myself.

Instead I sit on my laptop Googling random things and watching endless videos on youtube of cats doing funny things. Sometimes I even stray off topic and wind up watching hours worth of people doing funny things. Every once in a great while, so shut down am I, that I simply watch the same video, over and over and over again. Usually Shatner of The Mount. Maybe it's William Shatner himself, or perhaps it's the idea of Captain Kirk climbing a mountain which just grips my brain and won't let go. I don't know. It's like some sort of mental vortex I can't escape from.

Shut up. Stop judging me!

But not all hope is lost on me. Occasionally I manage to snap out of it and bring myself to do something requiring more brain power. Such as draw something random. Like so:

It's a cat!
But I can't even be arsed to actually scan it for you. Or draw it on good paper for that matter. Instead it is haphazardly drawn on a piece of 5"x3" lined paper and I took a picture of it with my cell phone.

You're lucky I drew anything for you at all. I was just going to watch Shatner talk about teeny tiny toes for the 100th time. I'm going against the grain this month, though, you see? I reached that point where normally I rebel but rather than completely shut down, I forced myself to do the dishes anyhow. Only now no one is home and I feel like I deserve a reward. I can't simply reward myself, that doesn't count for anything. So now I sit here staring at the publish button feeling like I somehow got cheated.

I require cupcakes, or muffins, or something equally satisfying to devour. SATE ME!

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