Tuesday, October 11, 2011

In Relation...

I can hear again! Today this arrived in the mail from my mother 3000 miles away:

Ignore friend Cactus.

Finally after two long weeks I have rejoined the world of the hearing! My old hearing aid was a tiny ITE model, almost invisible when worn. This is a BTE hearing aid which while less discreet, actually provides a much better sense of sound. So, perhaps ironically, breaking my old hearing aid has actually improved my ability to communicate.

This couldn't have arrived at a better time. Well, unless it arrived instantly two weeks ago, I guess, but that's not realistic. Not being able to hear at all was really beginning to bum me out. Especially when we received Dune from Netflix last week only to discover there was no Closed Captioning option at the menu screen. No CC on a DVD? I thought that was standard? How disappointing.

Why in the world isn't everything CCed by now? It's all written in a script beforehand anyway. It's #^$%ing 2011. We have people LIVING IN SPACE.

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