Monday, October 10, 2011

Next Blog

Have you ever hit the Next Blog link at the top of a blog before? I hadn't even noticed it until the other day when I was proof reading a post of mine (that's something I do -- proof read after having posted) and I was like, "What's this all?" Then I clicked it. It takes you to what seem to be randomly generated blogs, some of them worth reading, others not so much.

It made me realize that there are a lot, a lot, of house wives blogging about nothing whatsoever. Not in the amusing way that Seinfeld was a show about nothing, either. Just, quite frankly, rambling paragraph after paragraph without actually saying anything at all. Not even managing to imply whether their day was good or bad. Like house wifedom (tm) had completely void them of any actual opinions.

It was desperately boring. Also a little sad.

Not that my blogs are the best thing since sliced bread or anything, but I at least attempt to talk about actual topics and not just prattle on about nothing in particular. Not that everything I stumbled upon was bad. I did find some great blogs out there. Blogs written by imaginative people, genuinely interesting people, and well spoken people. I went so far as to subscribe to them, complete strangers, because I didn't realize just how rare these gems really were before.

I think my favorite is I Found Your Pen. A blog reuniting pen owners with their long lost writing utensils. Second place belongs to How To Accessorize With Tiny Birds. I don't feel the need to even need to explain that one to you.

After a while of hitting Next Blog suddenly everything was in Russian. I'm not sure why that happened, I know nothing of the mechanics behind Next Blog. Maybe after you hit it so many times in a row it assumes English is not your native language and starts trying to guess what your native language might be? I don't know. I wouldn't put it passed Google. I saw some intriguing pictures though. I am curious as to whether or not they'd be as intriguing if I could read the captions. Probably not, but that's okay. I cannot read the captions so I don't have to worry about it.

Anyway, I suggest you try the Next Blog button and see where it takes you. Just be forewarned that 90% of blogs with a family photo as the header will leave you bored to freaking tears. I advise you just immediately hit the Next Blog button again and spare yourself.


  1. Hey! I often times ramble about absolutely nothing and make it work. Of course, I throw in a few funny pictures and enough self-deprecating humor to make it worth the read.

    But here I to click Next Blog...pray for me.

  2. Ack! I've returned with an update on my adventures in "Next Blogging". The first four blogs were about birds. Not pictures of birds really...just text. About birds. Wut?

    The four after that were photographers. Next was a blog about people trying to find and photograph all the islands in the UK. Then a blog about leaves. Then designers. Lots of designers.

    So maybe it's based on your life with Google? I dunno. Either way, I'm sad that I didn't come across one lonely housewife. ;)

  3. I had forgotten about all of the birds!

    Have you ever tried to accurately portray a bird to someone, using only words, who hasn't ever seen that kind of bird? It's basically impossible! I'm not sure why these folk think they're going to be any more successful.

    Though it would make an entertaining game, I think. Everyone gets a pack of crayons and they attempt to draw what they imagine when you futilely try to physically describe a bird. Mind you, don't mention beforehand that you are describing a bird.

    I have yet to find your blogs lacking in content. You always seem to have a topic in mind when you begin to write. You also have opinions about your topics.

    These women were more or less like, "Woke up and ate food. Brushed my teeth and peed. Exercised and took a shower. Ate food and looked at facebook. Watched TV and pet the cat. Went outside and got the mail. Read the mail and ate food. Went to bed. The end."

    Every day. Blog after blog of bland renditions of the precise things they did while conscious without any indications of joy or anger or anything. It's a little creepy.

  4. This is obviously from 2 years or so ago, however I did as instructed. (Sometimes, when trying to keep my overnights schedule and stay up all night, I end up on the internet reading blogs, and yours are so entertaining that I go hours before realizing the sun is now up and I can sleep again. Anyhow.)

    Apparently, Google thinks I need to learn to cook and garden - not flowers, but my own vegetables. Though it's worth mentioning that there was ONE gardening blog within the first ten 'Next Blogs' with a picture of a bird.

    Huzzah, and like that, I feel like I can now sit at the cool kids table.