Thursday, October 13, 2011

Not All Things That Buzz Are Bees

This morning was kind of, "meh," for me, so I begrudgingly went into the kitchen to make my oatmeal and tea. More out of necessity than enjoyment, which isn't usually the case. I then went into the computer room to eat and attempt to better my mood. When the internet failed me I decided to just let it go and begin my daily housework, but this only made me feel worse. Regardless I went about it anyway. By the time I got to the part where I water the plants, I was pretty much assured that my mood was just going to be dour all day.

Then I heard the terrible sound of buzzing. Terrible because this usually indicates a sizable wasp or bee about to murder my ass. "Great," I thought, "Just what I need: to spend my afternoon in the emergency room." Awesome. Frozen in terror, I slowly turn my eyes towards the sound only to find not a wasp or a bee, but a humming bird!
The same female humming bird who visits our feeder every day. Unlike me however, she knows no fear. Only curiosity. She doesn't flutter off or back away or anything. She just hovers about an inch away from my face, staring at me. So close that I can feel the wind from her wings in my hair.

She must have decided after some time of this that I'm not a threat to her, because she flits above my head and begins to drink from the feeder like I'm not even present. Still holding absolutely still, I stand there watching -- close enough to reach up and touch her if I so chose. Though I decided not to break her trust and simply observed until she had her fill and flew off.

I had been so enveloped in my crappy mood that I automatically assumed the worst. My mistake. Lesson learned.

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