Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Going Postal

Pizza coupons, #$%^ yeah!
I think our mailman may have anger management issues. This seems to be a common occurrence in the mail industry. That is, after all, where the term, "going postal" originated. This may also be why I typically avoid direct contact with our postal worker whenever possible.

I'm sure he thinks of me with resentment bordering on actual disdain. Not that I have done anything to particularly wrong him, at least not personally. I just don't always get my mail out of the mailbox in a timely fashion. Maybe I was out of town, or sick, or lost my maibox key -- doesn't matter. If I do not get the mail out of the box at least every other day, the mail man begins punching our mail into the box with his fists in some rage-induced psychotic episode.

At least that is the best explanation I can come up with. We do not get a lot of mail here. It's usually either Netflix or junk mail and were it not forcibly punched into the box, it would fit inside just fine. So it's not as though the mailbox is ever over-flowing and the mail must be crammed in to compensate.

I understand that being a postal worker is probably not a very fun job. It is however a fairly simple one. You drive a little truck around and put labeled mail into the corresponding box. It's like a grown up version of getting the right peg into the appropriately shaped hole. You don't even have to work on holidays! Ever! Chill out.

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