Thursday, October 27, 2011

At First Sight

No, this isn't a blog about love. It's a blog about a pencil. Not like my other blog about pencils. This is different. Entirely. My bank switched credit card companies and I was sent a new card. It needed to be signed. While blue or black ink is considered "legal" in the department of legal inks, I prefer black for signing my credit cards because it matches everything. Yes. I realize how absurd and trivial that sounds. But so what? So I want my credit cards to match. Shut your face-gap.

My desk is mostly filled with art supplies. Graphite, pigment liners, charcoal, gum erasers, paint, etc., etc. I have a single ball pointe pen in my possession and it happens to be blue. So I turned to Aaron's desk. He has a ton of things residing in his drawers. Highlighters, pens, pencils, rulers, staplers, staples, protractors and compasses, and more staple removers than one human could possibly ever use at once. Seriously, if ever you need a staple removed, call my fiancee.

I figured he probably had a black ball point pen in there someplace as well. Only he didn't.

Everything but what I needed.
Instead I saw a pencil. An ancient-looking Pentech #2 pencil that had been sharpened but never used, judging by the pristine state of the eraser. I was instantly compelled to use it. Only I didn't know what to use it for. On hand I only had my pocket composition notebook and I didn't really have anything that needed writing. Yet I still really wanted to use this pencil. Like, really, really.

Okay, now what?
I sat there like this for some time, just tapping the lead against my paper perpetually. As if that would lead me to some profound statement to write down and share. I was certain that this method would work and soon produce a lifestyle-altering message for the world when I realized I was hungry and that the laundry was done. So you get this.

Happy kitty has to count for something.
Your life will never be the same after this, I know. Sorry for getting your hopes up. But last time I left the laundry sit too long I had to spend thirty minutes laying on my clothing before putting it on to press out the wrinkles with my body heat because we do not own an iron. Which is really a brilliant idea, when you pause to think about it... Stop judging me.

It wrote very nicely though. I have not used an old fashioned wooden #2 pencil since middle school. I had forgotten how smooth and thick the lines made by them are. +Pencil Appreciation+
People who didn't play pre-NGE SWG won't get that reference.

The end.

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