Wednesday, July 29, 2009

As Promised

I woke up strangely aggravated yesterday so I just stayed away from people. Weird for me because I'm usually pretty mellow and difficult to bother but I was like bothered by default all day. Side effect to lack of blood, lack of sleep and bad news maybe? Repressed aggravation from never letting people aggravate me typically? I don't know. I'm feeling a lot better today.

2 bags of M&M's later, I'm feeling a lot better.
I had a neat dream. It had to do with having magical powers, secret agents, great escapes, and basilisks... if I recall. If I went into it I'm afraid this would turn into a small novel rather than a quick blog before I go hunt for food. So, you'll have to just use your imaginations.

So about the stuffs I promised to mention and then delayed!

While in Michigan not only did we get super plastered, find a Kerropi, hang out with bands, and go on a shopping spree. But I also ran into a dude I apparently knew way way back when. He was working as a clerk in one of the shops I went into and when I was checking out with copious amounts of imported candy he says, "You look familiar." At first I'm thinking, cheesy pick-up line, but then I look at him again and I'm like huh...

So rather than shrug it off I ask if he went to such-and-such a high school, which he didn't but then he asks, "Did you hang out on Biddle?"

Holly! Biddle. We spent like 90% of our life there growing up, you and I. So I am a little surprised and confirm. It turns out he was one of the boys who hung out skateboarding behind the club down there and had the hugest crush on me back then. He was the kid who bought me the smiley-face ring in like 7th grade but I wouldn't date him because I was too busy not caring about boys. Haha. I honestly couldn't believe he remembered me let alone what I looked like enough to recognize me 15 years later.

I thought that was pretty awesome. He was bummed I live far away now, but made me promise to come buy more imported candy next month when I'm in Michigan again. Cool conversation and half-off candy? I'm so there.

Conveniently next month when we go my little brother is getting married. Siblings getting married is always odd because I still think of them as we were when we were kids. Thankfully it's not an overly formal event, because as I was telling Holly, I don't think I own a dress. You couldn't catch frogs in them. Actually, I take that back. I believe I have a dress and it's worn for every event that requires girls in dresses. Yes, there are "black tie" events that literally require all women in a dress. No slacks and a blouse but an actual dress or you won't be let in. Same events require men in a jacket and tie, a dress shirt and slacks is insufficient. It's ridiculous.

More art will be done and uploaded soon. Mostly the stuff I mentioned in the previous blog, that I have you guys trying to figure out what goes with who. I also drew a Maelin on a piece of loose leaf paper while away from my sketch pad that I really need to put into the sketchpad before I lose her and forget. Look forward to that.

My internet where I'm staying has been super craptastic lately. I don't know what the deal is. There is construction happening down the street, perhaps it's that. I get disconnected or super laggy at random times throughout the day, which is pretty frustrating if I'm trying to do anything. So if I'm talking to you through whatever medium and randomly disappear, trust me, it's more obnoxious for me than it is for you. The internet is all I have for amusement up here! When it's gone entertainment consists of sketching things I can't upload, watching the hands on my watch go round, and playing with Lego.

Lastly, people have noticed I've been blogging more recently than I usually do. That's because there is little else to do where I'm stuck and my friends are so spread out right now keeping them all up-to-date can be difficult. Writing one blog update is far easier than telling the same story a million times.

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