Tuesday, July 21, 2009

This Weekend & Typing Blindly

This weekend is Michigan time, break out the party hats!

I've had an ocular migraine all day. Which means I can't see. Well, that isn't completely true. My vision is blurred about 95% but I can see out of like a needle-eye area so if I get real close, and look down and sort of see out of the very top of my line of vision. It's difficult to explain. Think of a foggy mirror after a shower, then make the tiniest clear spot with your fingertip and that's all you can see.

Since it's like all of my vision right now that means it'll probably finally be gone soon, so that will be welcomed. Starts small and slowly slowly spreads. Pardon any typos, I am right clicking all underlined words and picking the first option in spell checker unable to truly tell if it's what I meant or not. I'm going to go grab a bowl of cereal and see if obscene amounts of sugar helps at all. Mmm... sugar...

To make matters worse, I'm also stuck at authenticating! Which means nothing to over half of you but oodles to the rest!

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