Monday, July 6, 2009

Things, I Type Them

Random time.

The hospital I went to for tests last week was sooo large that when you walk in, the information clerk gives you a map. It consisted of five or so typical sized hospital buildings connected by a series of underground tunnels, overground bridges, and many, many elevators. The place is so big that about every 500 feet you will find a phone with an "Are you lost?" sign above it, so that you can call the information clerk and try to get unlost. It's so big that every wing is color-coded and the walls are a rainbow of arrows trying to point the way.

It's equally confusing once you leave, too. There are so many parking garages that it's recommended you valet park just so you don't hopelessly lose your car. Every road connecting the hospital to the outside world is one way. So once you find your car you're unlikely to be allowed to go the direction you need to leave. On the plus side since it's such a huge place, the cafeteria is full of actual restaurants and not strange instant just-add-water hospital mush. So if we had to take up settlement there, we wouldn't starve.


My nephews were over this weekend which is always amusing. Little Bill goes up to his mom and asks, "Why does auntie Wiggles have such big eyelashes?" To which Amanda replies, "Uhm, I don't know. It's just the way she was made!" Little Bill looks between us with all the curiosity a tiny person can muster and says, "Mom, why don't you have eyelashes?" Which is funny because of course she does, but they're blonde.

Kids learning new lessons is entertainment!

Jaidar loves the word, "Yes." He doesn't say yes, though. He says, "Yis." Like some misplaced Danish boy.

Speaking of my brother and his wife, they have been consistently getting mail for me at their house. Apparently this has been going on for like the last year? He blames it on our last names and him applying for a mail forward after moving. It's never been a problem, he just sends whatever is mine to my actual address. Sometimes it gets there, sometimes it winds up back at his house. But eventually, I actually get my hands on it. The weird part is what the mail has been recently. Apparently Huggies has decided I should be having babies. Now. They're continuously sending him diapers and discounts for baby-related merchandise with my name all over it. How creepy!

Onward moar!

As you all know well by now, I play video games. This paragraph has to do with obvious questions being obvious. I know it's said, "The only stupid question is the one never asked," but seriously. Some questions don't need to be asked.

In one of the games I play there are places you teleport into to fight big mean monsters for neat and sometimes useful weapons or armor. Now, typically the only thing to do in these places is kill stuff. So it always boggles my mind when I am in such a place and a friend notices and asks, "Hey Inari, what are you doing in ____?" Like... what do you think I'm doing? Honestly. Obvious question has obvious answer.

Furthermore, I know I'm a social caterpillar here but how about a greeting first!

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