Saturday, July 25, 2009

lol (Now With Translation)

weres o dersnk its funny. I gots stuck insmy shirt and couldn't gte outs because it was a knot and all of us otgethser took like forever to get out of ist. We hung out with the band and hy made me sing was funny. Now wev'e got to gt up an like 5 hpurs! Sooooooooooooooooooo fail. I apolgsie for the drnkese. Trnsaltion omorrow if I rememmember.

Edit: Oh man, why did I not log out to prevent this sort of thing? Let me try to figure out what I was saying.

"We're so drunk, it's funny. I got stuck in my shirt and couldn't get out because the tie was in a knot. It took all of us to try to get the knot undone before I was finally able to take off said shirt and put on my pajamas.

We ended up hanging out with the vocalist/guitarist for the blues band between sets. He was a really nice guy and the band itself was pretty awesome. When they got back on stage for another set I got attacked with the mic to sing the chorus. I'm not shy! Especially not with a 5th of rum in me +2. Yeah, we finished a whole bottle and then had several more at the bar. It was one of those situations where you are already drunk so drinking more seems like a super fun idea.

Is what the previous contents were in reference too, but these other fun bits were brought to light!

I got lost going to the restroom (I had already been to once before mind you) and wound up in the men's john curious as to when they had put urinals in the women's. That was a fun adventure.

We ended up staying until the bar closed, despite having to be up early today -- and the bar closed late. Then we hung out with the band outside the bar for a while before finally going back to our room and passing out. In the middle of sleep some random person called asking about our shoes. If you read the previous blog, you'll understand our drunken confusion thinking that someone else in the world had somehow heard about the shoe incident and knew how to contact us in regards. I'm not sure who was more perplexed, us or the guy talking to us about our shoes?

Then we wake up at 8:00am, exhausted. Good exhausted though. No hang over, which is amazing considering the obscene amount of liquor we drank. Complimentary breakfast was tasty. Hashbrowns galore, scrambie eggs, bacon, bacon, bacon, and french toast. Mm...

Check out is in a few minutes, but then we'll be headed out for fun times in the city for a while before leaving. We'll probably head home around 5pm, which would put us home at 8pm give or take a bit. I may make it to monster killing after all!

Gamer reference, sorry.

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