Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Return of Water

The water to our area of the city is back on, but we're under boil notice. That means any water you want to use has to be boiled for safety reasons before you can use it. Dying of starvation I decided to make Perogi, which need to be boiled anyway. Unfortunately I also boiled myself. This is why I hate cooking.

Super super hot water splashed out from under a falling perogi onto my finger. So now I have a blister.

Some guy set up a trap irl. He stood outside of a broken down car on the road so that a good Samaritan would come to his rescue. Only when the good Samaritan came he tried to car jack him. An epic battle ensued and the car jacker lost, fleeing off into the woods. But wait, not only did he fail-jack and fail-fight, he also fell into a pond while running away and then drowned. Dead. I'm not one to make light of people dying but... c'mon.

Way to fail entirely, guy.

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