Monday, July 27, 2009

Torture Round 3

Back from the doctor again. As you can see by the obscenely long visitation (5 hours) this one was particularly terrible. More stabbings especially. Also, more blood drawn. Rare tests that aren't usually done and will take weeks to see results because they have to be shipped out to such absurd places. Seven vials this time, though they were considerably huge ones, so I suppose it may as well have been more.

The woman who drew my blood this time was 92 years old. I kid you not. I was so worried she was going to gouge me with shaky old woman hands, but she had a surprisingly steady grip. I was pretty amazed, or my amazement could have just been lack of blood. She was amazed by me because I watch my blood draws. Like a hawk. I can't explain why I do this, but I find looking away to be more unnerving than seeing the blood.

It's been concluded that I have a neuropathy, but no one can yet figure out what caused it or how to prevent it from getting any worse. Which can only mean one thing: more torture! Unfortunately given how long this has been going on already it's unlikely the damage can be reversed. The idea will be to just stop it from getting any worse. I see another doctor, outside of current neurologist and my normal family doctor, on August 12th. After that guy's poking and prodding it'll be back to my current neurologist.

Having various sharp objects stabbed through your body isn't bad when you can't feel it, except to determine precisely where and when sensation becomes normal again I have to be stabbed in places I can feel it too.

The extensive tests already done have also managed to conclude that I don't absorb several key vitamins from food. This means I get to go once every couple of weeks to have vitamins injected into my hip with a needle. Oh yay. Torture on top of my torture.

I'll talk about the other stuff I promised yesterday later. I'm going to go drown my pain in cupcakes.

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