Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dreams, Phones, and Dates

No water today. None. And after that we'll have to boil water for use for a couple of days because some incompetent tool broke a water main. I'm going to feel like some hippie. No bathing, no teeth brushing.

I had a really cool dream where some of my friends and I were out of sync with time. Being so put us at some great perilous risk because there were other beings who existed out of sync with time who could now track and attack us at will. Also, being out of sync with time gave us special abilities versus those still in sync with time so revealing this secret would make them hunt us too. The entirety of the dream we are trying to defend ourselves versus these unsynced time beasts while traveling across the world to escape their domain and find someone.

Who? I'm not really sure. From what I recall it was either someone who could teach us to kill the monstrous time things or perhaps it was the person responsible for there being monstrous time things to begin with and killing them would free the world of their evil. Or maybe there were actually two separate people we were going to see. I can't remember, but it was cool either way.

Early on we were on a train and then suddenly time stopped for everyone except for us. We knew the awful entities were coming so we tried to hide or pretend time had stopped us as well. Obviously you can't trick time beasts, though, and over half of us died. The rest of us lept from the moving train the moment time sped up again and slowed only ourselves down so that we wouldn't hurt ourselves too badly. It was neat.

Far more neat than the terrible dream I had where I was stuck in a cottage in the middle of some ancient forest with my slowly dying grandfather. The entire dream he spent teaching me "The Old Ways of Our People," and he could not die until I knew them all. From his death bed he told me epic stories from "The Days Few Remember," teaching me how to purify water with leaves and fire, to hunt wild animals for food, to make salves from plants, and various other life lessons. The worst part was that on one hand I wanted to be an adept student and learn everything my grandfather was teaching me but on the other hand I knew the more willingly I learned the sooner he would be gone.

You all, or most of you at least, know how close my grandfather and I are. Dreams like that are so unsettling.

Back to reality!

I have a phone conference with various people today at 10am. Huh. That's right now. How can you be late for a soundwave meeting? Anyway... I hate phones. I have the hardest time understanding what is being said over the phone. To the point where at times I just agree mindlessly so whoever is on the other end will hang up faster and stop reminding me that my hearing blows. It's always like:

 They rant, "Blah blah blah, right?"
 And I'm reply, "Uh, yeah sure."
 Then they get upset, "Are you even listening to me?"
 But what I really say is, "Yep."

But this conversation is supposedly some sort of important ordeal, so I will have someone else on another phone listening in and then telling me face-to-face wtf the people on the phone are saying. Frustrating, right?

Less annoying, I have a trip to Chicago planned August 20th and a trip to Michigan from there August 22nd, I think? Maybe the 21st. I am having a hard time remembering. I'll find out and clarify later. I may also be making a quickie trip to Michigan before then as well, but I have no clue as to when or if it'll even happen. I'll have to keep you posted. More chances to hang out are approaching! Huzzah huzzah. Maybe we will fall out of sync with time and...

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