Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sleep to Dream

I went to bed last night around 4am exhausted, but by the time I hit the sheets my feet felt so cold that I couldn't fall asleep. They didn't feel that cold literally, compared by touch to other parts of my body, but it felt like I was standing in snow regardless. So as I lay there uncomfortable, my mind starts to wander. I do something so silly and girlie I made myself face palm with both hands.

I started thinking about New Years and how close it's getting. Then I got excited because my New Years plans this year are super awesome. After a while longer, my feet weren't as cold! I had successfully gotten my mind off of them. Time to seize sleep! ...Unfortunately I got myself so giddy about New Years in the process that I was also absolutely awake. Like a kid on the night before Christmas, or something.

So I'm laying there trying to mellow myself out, and I start thinking about my watch. It's still set to Central time, and I should really reset it to be on Eastern because once I'm in Pacific it's going to get mighty confusing adding three hours and accounting for the lack of one... and yeah. The thing is, my watch also has a little date keeper on it, so you have to set it carefully otherwise your AM and PM will be off and the date will be wrong. Not helping my cause.

Clear my mind, try again. Dragon Age. Everyone says it's super great. I've used the chargen, played the browser game, and would like to concur. I haven't been able to get my Daemon Tools to work though. Never trust a daemon. Haven't been able to play it, thusly. Have no DVD to burn it to! So now I'm trying to decipher that issue. What the frack? Just go to sleep! I roll about, disturbing a pile of cats and moosh my face into the pillows, pull the blanket over my head and try to will unconsciousness. To no avail.

As I lay there, on the brink of success I just can't reach, I start thinking about how I don't have a shirt to match my favorite skirt. I foolishly left the one I usually wear with it in Florida. Argh! I begin wondering if I'll find one that matches here this time of year. Camisoles and tank tops typically disappear in Ohio after Halloween. I could wear the skirt and go shopping until I find something that matches, I muse. Then I realize I'm doing it again.

Start over, roll over, squish a cat. Apologize. Start over again. Cat gets his revenge by yawning in my face. Why does cat mouth smell like stagnant death?! I submerge beneath my comforter again, holding my breath and probably making all sorts of faces. My phone has wiggled out from under my pillow after all of this and is hard and cold against my shoulder. I may as well look at the time while getting it out of the way, it's 7am!

I've been laying in bed like an Inaruritto for hours without actually falling asleep. I don't remember finally dozing off, but it was probably at least another hour later than that. Thankfully I had an interesting dream to make up for all the hassle. It involved a stable, a stable-boy, winged humans, a kingdom on the sea, royalty, war, great ships, and a sparrow. Use your imaginations!

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