Saturday, December 19, 2009

It's In The Water

Drama has reared it's great ugly head again, spewing frothy bile all over my social life. Different person this time. People? I guess. What's the point? Really. What's to be gained? All it does is bring about loss. For everyone involved. It's always tragic when insecurity turns otherwise brilliant people into idiots.

I'm a very candid person. Ask and you'll know pretty much anything about me. Very little is taboo or unspoken of. I've no reason to be dishonest. If you don't like me for who I am, then I don't want you to like me. Period. I'm fiercely loyal and will stand by someone no matter what is being said. No matter what poor choices they may have made, or wrongs they may have committed. I won't judge. I won't choose sides. I will not listen to rumors.

Not. Ever.

I trust, explicitly, those I call friend. If you say something I will take it at absolute face value. Not with a grain of salt or skepticism. Absolute value. I will believe it. I won't question it. No matter what someone else says. Even if they are also my friend. If it turns out to be false, you will reveal that to me yourself. No one else.

All of the friends I have made, I still have. With one exception, now. Going back as early as 2nd grade. Despite all of the moving and changes of phone number. That speaks volumes. Even a handful who may have wronged me, or, a handful I may have wronged. You know why? Because we were not vicious. Our wrongs were not done out of malevolence. If they hurt me or I hurt them, we dealt with it one on one. Settled it maturely between the two of us. Even as children. There was no need to segregate and choose sides. No need to drag others into it.

Drama is malicious and hurtful, worse of all, intentionally so. There is no such thing as accidental drama. Someone can accidentally hurt someone else's feelings, sure. You cannot however accidentally tell everyone about it. You start drama with intent in your mind and you know exactly what it is you are doing. Or hoping to do. Starting a rumor, passing along a rumor, believing a rumor, all contribute to needless drama.

Furthermore it has all sorts of adverse side effects, medically speaking from a psychological standpoint. Even for the crafter of said drama. It causes guilty conscience syndrome. That's where eventually, because you are so malignant, you begin viewing everyone else as equally mean and dishonest even if in reality they clearly aren't. Then you've got no one to trust. It's good for no one involved, even if the short term outcome seems beneficial.

There are many things I can forgive. Drama, for obvious reasons, isn't one of them. It's completely uncalled for. Emotional torment is worse in my opinion than physical torment. There is no excuse to put someone through that. Especially not a person you called friend. Absolutely no excuse. It doesn't matter if there was a transgression, real or imagined. It's petty and it's spiteful.

Am I angry? No. After all I'm also a firm believer in choosing your own mood and not letting someone else determine that for you. More or less disappointed. Even the little smiley up top says so. So what happened? I can't say exactly, because that would cause drama too. See that? It's the high road. It's a little steeper and harder to traverse, but it leads to a happier place. Lets be happy!

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