Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Huge. Quickly.

Hey, uh, it's your doctor. I need you to do me a huge favor. Uh... can you please, uh, join us for a sleep over? My nurse went through your charts and uh... will be calling you with the date. You've got to do this for me. Huge. Quickly.

So. Doctor appointment revealed more doctor appointments in my future. Feign shock now. Specifically a CAT scan on the 14th and a sleep study date to be announced. I have to say, doctor slumber party? Sounds pretty awesome.

They also discovered that aside from insect sting I am also allergic to trees, grass, feathers, mold and dust and have absolutely no natural resistance to pneumococci. My immune system is missing several key components rendering me totally incapable of fighting off pneumonia. Pneumococci are also responsible for sinus infections and ear aches, which I had pretty much once a month every month, as a kid growing up. Thus they insisted on a pneumonia vaccine. I hate shots.

I will have to go back in five weeks for a test to see if my body managed to incorporate it, and how well. That is three confirmed doctor appointments from this one. A fourth with another doctor right after New Years. Possibly a fifth once this doctor tells my other other doctor what he found. I should just go to med school.

Amusing side note? I've been using a feather pillow since I've been staying at my mother's house. D-u-r-f that spells durf. Thankfully her house is full of bedding, for some bizarre reason, so I was able to procure a new pillow no problem.

Now I must consume Tylenol to combat vaccine fever!

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