Thursday, October 8, 2009

Now Departing Radiation Station

I thought I would take today to share something interesting. The last of the radiation is finally leaving my body so I'm shedding like a lizard. It's a little creepy, I must admit. At least it's exclusive to my arms and legs. It would be far creepier if I was shedding all over the place. Or if I shed all of my skin at once like a snake. Actually, that would probably be kind of neat.

Once all the radiated skin cells are gone I'll stop shedding. Given how sheddy I am that shouldn't be long.

This is my arm after having applied a mega-hydrating lotion (which is essentially like slathering yourself in lard):

Sexy, I know.
 Can you imagine if the lotion were less hydrating? Or if I hadn't applied lotion at all?

Our bodies are cool things aren't they? I thought of wearing short sleeves and shorts just to weird people out when I go places. But it's cold here in Ohio. I'd freeze my ass off. 54°F. Overcast and windy. I'm indoors in sweatpants, long sleeves, socks and a sweater while under a blanket and I'm still cold. Actually now that I really think about it that's probably not normal. Likely also due to the radiation going away.  I've been radioactive so long my body thinks normal is a weird change. It'll get over it.

Something arrives the day before my appointment on the 13th. I won't tell you guys what just yet because it's rad enough to be a surprise. It will be more rad than iguana arm. I promise.
You'll have to wait.

For now, I sleep.

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