Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Nine Vials

That is how much blood they took today. We also got lost in the hospital. Thankfully I had my handy dandy walking cane for the miles and miles we trekked. Seriously. They scheduled me for a pulmonary exam this Thursday... next Thursday? At 8:30 in the morning. They scheduled it after draining me of life force so the details are sketchy. I'll find the slip of paper to confirm the date when I go to get my epi prescription filled tonight. I left all of it in the car in my haste to get in and eat something before I face-planted.

I need a surplus of epi pens because apparently being deaf paints me as a huge victim-target of sneaky insects I can't hear buzzing. I'm also supposed to tell all of you how to do me right just in case I can't. Which I hadn't really ever considered. So here. Gray cap off, stab opposite end of epi pen into my thigh. Like you see on medical dramas all the time. Easy peasy.

There is a delay when I exhale. Doctor guy was surprised none of my previous doctors had found that curious enough to look into. So he insists it gets looked into. I already know I've got asthma, but it's been fairly nonexistent for a few years now. Apparently even when mostly symptom free it still puts me at an elevated risk for pneumonia. In fact it pretty much guarantees pneumonia every time I get any sort of respiratory infection.

I wish another doctor had brought this up before. Considering I've had pneumonia the last two winters in a row. I should be receiving yearly vaccines, I'm told. I didn't even know they had pneumonia vaccines. Fail.

It's a little grating to think about because pneumonia is what I had shortly before I woke up deaf. If it could've been prevented by a little (insert colorful word) foresight that's pretty aggravating. I've been a pretty good sport about losing a sense, but things like that are bothersome to think about.

You know what I miss? The sound a spoonful of sugar makes when you dump it into a mug of hot coffee. The sound crunchy autumn leaves make when you step on them. Wind chimes.  Frogs talking to eachtoher. Crickets to warn me if ninja are coming. Things like that. Things most hearing people probably rarely even notice.

It's surprisingly not convenient things like knocking at the door, the microwave timer, the phone ringing, traffic. I scarcely miss those things at all unless I burn my food. I don't even think about them. Yet every time I put sugar in my coffee I think about that strange sound it used to make.

But I digress.

I need to pick up another pair of ear buds tonight, since my old ones died while in Illinois. I've been trying to use headphones but it sounds hallow and it's difficult to make out consonants and syllables which is all I have to go by. I also need another tube of lip gloss and perhaps a lot of donuts. You can never have too many donuts.

My grandfather misses me terribly now that I've gone. So as tribute to him, I add his favorite song to my playlist. Michael Franti's Say Hey. Every time we drove anywhere, which was often, this song would come on and he'd turn it way way up and sing along. There is something about a 75 year old man singing along to the stereo that is too awesome to possibly put into words. So I won't try.

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