Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Danger Needles

Needles full of potential danger! Sixty of them. Just like this.

My arms were too small.
Yeah, I had someone take a picture of my awful hole-filled back at the doctor's office. Don't act like that is weird for me. You know better! Two sets of holes will have to suffice. The rest of the picture is too naked for all you e-lechers.

I totally forgot about this appointment until I was reminded two hours before go time that I had to be ready. No rest for the wicked! Late Inari was late. My shirt was also on inside-out. To make matters worse I went to the wrong building, making me later.

Yes, it is as obnoxious feeling as it looks. Stung like a beast. Still stings now. I'm apparently moderately allergic to everything. Except cats. I didn't keel over or die though, so that is good. That also means however I am like to be stabbed sixty more times in the foreseeable future.

I'm supposed to have an eye kept on me and keep a phone handy just in case I have a delayed adverse reaction. In which case 911 is required. I don't see that happening though. I've had a bagel and an episode of Heroes to balance out being stabbed sixty times, and have been fine thus far. So now I sleep.

Next appointment is on the 19th of November. I don't remember what time.

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