Thursday, October 22, 2009

Blow Fail

I suck at blowing. Yes, there are all sorts of jokes to be made about that. It was far too early in the morning to be awake. Well, I guess I should make that make more sense where it concerns me. It was far too early in the morning to be awake after having slept. As in, not still awake from the day previous. What am I? Some sort of daytime person? Pah!

I waited with George R.R. Martin in the lobby, where I could text people into sleep deprivation. And by people, I mean Aaron. Sleep deprivation loves company.

I had been saving the end of this book (A Clash of Kings) for this occasion (doctor appointment) but someone decided to get into an accident in the parking lot and between the tests and the commotion I didn't get much reading done at all. Much to my displeasure, because really cool things were going on and I had to keep going away. Er, cool things in the book, not cool things in real life.

Some guy in a red car plowed into the tail end of an old guy in a brown car and then had the audacity to just go park and pretend like nothing happened. So some good Samaritans at the bus stop came running in to grab all of the orderlies and bring them outside to confront the guy. I found it odd that they sent an ambulance to take the guy in the brown car to the E.R. considering the E.R. was basically about forty feet to the left of where the accident happened. No one was seriously injured.

The tests were neat. I breathed and blew into various machines in various ways. Though I didn't do so well at it. Judging from my doctor's reactions. He was a small peculiarly shaped man who shared in my love of donuts and Michigan. A person with big lungs scores a 10 on average. A person with small lungs scores a 5 on average. I was scoring about 3.6 which is a pretty sorry number. It made me feel terribly inadequate, despite it being something I don't have any control over.

I don't feel winded, but I guess I am. Or something. He kept telling me to breathe as if I was running away from vampires. He clearly didn't realize I'd be more apt to join vampires. He changed his tactic: breathe as if you are running towards the world's last donut. Also funny, but a much more accurate image for me to strive toward.

Afterward he took me to meet with the hospital chairman dude because he found out I draw things and now they may want me to draw things all over their hospital. Weird opportunities are weird!

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