Sunday, September 6, 2009

So If You're Lonely

You know I'm here waiting for you!


I have discovered there is no chance of internet in the Sparrow Room unless I arrange things just-so. Laptop on Southern edge of bed, chair pulled to the side. Cellphone and both of the TV remotes to the left of the laptop, anywhere else won't do. Hearing Aid on the far nightstand -- never in my ear. Then and only then I might have a chance at getting online in this room that has been my home away from home for two weeks.

Sometimes I have better luck in other rooms, or at the pier, but this is the room I've taken as my own. Thus this is the one I'd prefer to lurk in. Determined as I am, I force Internets where I want them and tend to occupy my time with else when I cannot, rather than retreat to a different location.

An Inari never retreats, never surrenders!

Not that I didn't know finding internet here would be a challenge. That I would be scarce. My two day's here before my little brother's wedding proved insightful enough that I brought an army of books, pens, and paper with me. To give myself something to do when I wasn't off running around to random places in Illinois.

I was entertaining the thought of giving clues as to what I've been working on sketch-wise, but have decided I'd rather leave you in anticipation. I have been drawing on a lot of past ideas and concepts that've been floating in my brain, with a lack of time or internet for new inspirations. Maybe that is hint enough for some of you. Have I said too much!?

I start every day reading for a couple of hours on the lake at the end of the pier. Then depending on the weather, I may also sketch there. Overcast I stay, sunny I go back indoors. Most people would think I have that backwards, but I'm not most people. Then my grandfather and I usually go off on some adventure together. The mall, the butterfly gardens, a movie, the zoo, the city, who knows? But at the end of every day we sneak off to have an icecream sundae together at this little homely place down the road. Reminds me of being a kid.

Some of the people I'm introduced to here have heard so much about me from my grandfather or uncle that they bow to me in greeting. It's a riot. Odd and a little awkward, but funny. And no one calls me by name, I'm called by title wherever I go. If I didn't recall it from childhood, I would probably overlook that they're talking to/about me.

Every evening we watch a movie together, my grandfather and I. Last night we watched Gran Tarino. Good film, not that you expect less from Clint Eastwood. Maybe a little more striking to those of us from the area the film is set in. I grew up there. All around there, actually, with as much as I moved. Tonight we watched Attack of the Puppet People. A movie from 1957, if memory serves. If I were online I'd google it to be sure, but I'm not.

Speaking of the internet, AIM has been notifying me recently that I'm logged on from two or more locations. It does that for the record. Lets you know if someone is logging on as you from elsewhere. I have to keep notifying AIM to sign me off anyplace else other than Illinois. This means one of two things: someone or something has turned on my other laptop in Ohio or someone or something is using my computer in Florida. Stop that, if it's intentional. If it's unintentional, someone with thumbs (read: not my cat) turn off my computers!

I return to Ohio on Tuesday evening because I have a doctor's appointment there on the 10th. The dreaded test I don't look forward to. You know the one. My aunt and uncle believe I should come back to Illinois sometime after that, but when will depend on how I am feeling after this test and the scheduling of appointments there afterward. We'll see.

The internet was never found last night and much to my dismay I cannot find a signal this morning either. So here I sit, offline, writing more to this entry as I paint my nails. Clear polish with silver glitter, in case you were wondering. In sunlight it turns ruby red like the ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz.

My hip hurts today something fierce. I could barely climb out of bed. A dull ache like a fracture accompanied by a sharp pain at times like it's out of place. "How would you hurt your hip?" you may wonder, since I've done absolutely nothing to it. To which I say, "Recall I am the girl who broke a bone in her foot watching Heroes." Sometimes random crap just happens to me. It can't be explained. Luckily I'm in the perfect place for such a problem.

Freaking ow-face.

Stubbornly I rarely admit pain and insisted on showering and getting ready for the day despite it. I've a high threshold so I know if it's actually bothering me at all it's probably something bad -- but I try to shrug it off anyway. At least I admit my faults! I will give in and tell someone as soon as they aren't so busy.

They got a new refrigerator and have spent the majority of this morning moving the old one out of the way. A difficult chore since it had been built in to the fixtures of the kitchen some 10 years past. Not that I'm in any rush. I always hold out on pain, hoping it will magically go away before I'm forced to face it. Like a female Black Knight. It's probably just out of place, I convince myself, in which case it's simply a matter of adjusting it back in. The benefit of not only having a renown chiropractor in your family, but chancing to be at her house.

On the topic of family, I've decided mine is trying to sell me off. Since my arrival I've been meeting rich people's young attractive sons. By meeting, I of course mean forcibly introduced, not at random or want. My grandfather wishes for me to marry a strapping young millionaire business man who resembles a young tan Clark Kent. My uncle prefers I wed the rebel romantic heir in a rock band, meriting the qualities of a romantic long term over the reliable business minded guy. My uncle and grandfather will debate this amongst themselves endlessly, even if I'm in the room. Have I ever mentioned how thankful I am arranged marriages aren't generally accepted in this part of the world anymore?

I am.

Not that either boy is uncharismatic or unattractive (obligatory disclaimer). Certainly. However, in my opinion, nothing is more important than sharing interests in common. I've seen relationships built on money, or physical appeal and I've seen the outcome. They end and usually not very well. Because they are shallow things and puddles always dry up. I'd rather be poor and happy than wealthy and unfulfilled. Of course you could have both, if you're lucky, but both isn't needed. I went far more into that than originally planned. Ho hum.

I actually managed to sleep in past 11am today. No matter what hour I fall asleep, I always wake before 11am. I have no idea why. My grandpa was amazed all the ruckus they were causing with the kitchen didn't wake me. Deaf. Hello? That's the best thing about it, I can sleep through just about anything. This is like the longest blog ever, I'm tempted to venture into the Monarch Room simply for your benefit before it's something you'll have to sit down with a meal to finish in it's entirety lest you starve midway.

P.S. In regards to my hip, tender and sore, but she fixed it. If only everything were so easy. This is where someone makes a joke about promiscuity.

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