Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Get Your Mugs

It's celebration time! In eight hours. The fabled return to internets. Be there.

Stepping out the door literally three minutes from now, it's a day of super boring driving ahead and then... and then I will reacquaint myself with being online for more than five minutes at a time! Hurray hurrah, as my aunt would say. Is it nerdy to be excited about that? Who cares. I'm excited!

Clothes? Packed. Toiletries? Packed. Books? Packed. Snacks? Packed. Extra shoes? Packed. Sketchpad? Packed. Pens? Packed too. Gameboy? In purse. Purse? In lap. Phone? Charged! Gift for aunt? Left where it'll be found. Breakfast? Waiting at the skyway. Inari has left the building!

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