Sunday, September 20, 2009


I'm supposed to be killing monsters right now, but between sharing internet and finding internet that's not working out so well for me. Yes, digital monsters not real ones. As always. A shame too, there is a super awesome monster to kill this week.

We were going to go to a Civil War reenactment today, but by the time I crawled out of bed the war was over. Haha.

It was mostly an excuse to go to the mansion across the lake from us anyway. The man who used to live there had dominion over the entire lake and all surrounding property until he eventually opened it up for development. When he died he donated it and the entire other half of the lake to the city to use for whatever. This weekend it was a Civil War reenactment. A few weeks ago it was ballroom dancing.

Guns and mayhem were more appealing than champagne and evening gowns to me. As if that's shocking. I maintain that we should have rowed over in the canoe on Saturday, but my grandfather thinks they would've shot cannons at us. An amusing thought. Playing the South in a Civil War reenactment has to be a lot like drawing the short straw. I mean, not only do you have to play the loser but you're also playing the role of huge ass. Amirite?

Instead we went to Antioch for breakfast at some homey little momma's sort of place with tasty food. Oddly decorated though. Covered wall to wall in paintings and statues of roosters. All I could think of was cock jokes but could say none of them! Then as I was eating my eggs it was if every beady little eye in the room was upon me. I decided: chickens are pro-life.

Something weird happened the other day. We had gone into the old town, stopping in to a pagan shop and a costume shop, among others. What is worthy of note between these two stores however is that one of the clerks in the costume shop (who by the by are always in full costume while working) asked me about my experience in the other store. A curious inquiry.

How did he know I had even gone into the other store? The two are blocks apart separated by buildings and streets from line of sight and he had been on all day so it's not as though he had seen me enter or exit. Did the clerk from the other store phone ahead? That would be equally strange. We've been boggling over that one all weekend. How the heck did he know where I had been?

Before curious parties think they've solved one of my mysteries, I'm not pagan. Religion? Lack thereof? Still a secret. So are my political views. That stuff isn't important to anyone but me. There are, maybe, one or two people who know anything about that and they're sworn to secrecy.

We also went to the Native club. White Feather. It's a short distance from the manse here, in fact they share the lake with us. I don't know why we drive half the time we do. We could just as easily row or sail. It's not as if there is a lack of boats. Heck, I'd swim if it was acceptable to show up places wet.

There's a joke there someplace.

I've been drawing a lot and I'm almost finished with my book. I've got a bit of color to show for it. And freckles. Yes, freckles. I regret not bringing the third book however, because once this one's through I'll have a lack of reading material for the pier. Which leaves me with a lot of spare time for sketching. There is a humongous Borders right up the road, I suppose I could always buy another third book.

I go back to Ohio this upcoming Friday. Between now and then we've tons of things planned. Hopefully I'll be able to do them all. My spine is a lot better, I should be finished with adjustments by Thursday and then I can follow up with any doctor where ever I happen to be for upkeep, every now and then. Just to be sure nothing is amiss. In other health news, I should have some biopsy news by Tuesday regarding my innards. Fingers are still crossed on that stuff. We'll see. I won't dwell on the unknown.

My grandpa has managed to lose two pounds eating sundaes with me every day. Perhaps I'm on to something. The Sundae Diet? Eat a sundae every day except Sunday. The backwards of it is why it's successful. You burn calories trying to make it make sense. Seems logical to me.

Long blogs are long because there's no internet signal here and I'm trying to pass time until there is. I feel so secluded! Text message is still about the only way to keep in touch with me. So pardon the randomness. A lot has happened and I try to keep you all up-to-date in the absence of reliable technology. Rather than a daily update or a few IM conversations I wind up with these big walls of text once or twice a week. I forget how quickly I can type and before long it's this massive thing you're daunted to read through. Apologies for that.

To follow through with more random, it's raining and lovely right now. We were out and about at the festivities of Autumn when it began. I didn't run for cover with the rest. I was rather pleasantly surprised by the unpredicted change of weather. An, "Oh, yay!" moment. I don't think people ever really expect such nonchalance. Some things are beyond your control to change so you may as well enjoy them! My name is Inari, and I decide to be happy.

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