Thursday, September 24, 2009

Staying Gone

I was supposed to head back to Ohio today, but I'm not quite done in Illinois yet. So I will remain here until Tuesday. No celebrating the return of internets just yet. Oh well! Not like there isn't a thousand things to occupy myself with here. I'll manage.

Speaking of keeping busy, we went to this tiny theater and saw Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs. Go see it. It was really great. Also, I co-star. There's more incentive to get off your ass. Inari Sparks. No one will let me hear the end of it.

Yesterday we went to a nearby State park and had a wonderful time just wandering around with our feet in the sand and our toes in the water. Skipping stones and making merry. Until I got attacked by an insect out for murder. Blarg. It was still a good day regardless.

There is an old Nuclear plant there, all sealed up. The original park was put there to lure folks in and show them how safe and friendly Nuclear energy was to have around. Ironically 10 years after convincing everyone of the safety they discovered a flaw in the system and had to seal off the entire plant before an American Chernobyl happened. So there are a bunch of old abandoned kiosks along the way. Things retaken by nature.

Earlier in the week we went to an orchard where we ate home cooked food and played like children all day. I even became the leader of a herd of goats before getting hopelessly lost in a corn-husk labyrinth. I couldn't find the Goblin King.

On the way home from the daily happiness (icecream with sprinkles) we saw a fox. A fox! How cool is that? So cool.

Related to cool: good news and bad news. Good news first! I don't have cancer. Now that is cool. The biopsy results are back and while the news is certainly superb (x9000) it also means I still lack answers. Which is the bad news. More tests will be forthcoming! The 13th of this month being the first of which.

Yeah, I didn't tell most of you about that possibility. A few family members aside, unless I told anyone else while on drugs from the scope. I do that, keep scary secrets to myself so the only one who has to worry is me until I know if there is a reason to or not. Sorry! But now you know you don't have to worry about that.

Tonight we go to the movies again. This time to see I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell. Geoff is in that movie, so naturally we have to go see him. Saturday I was invited by a bunch of local nerds while buying a Chaos Terminator Lord to do nerdy things at a card shop, though I probably won't go. Sunday there is a huge community BBQ. Then Monday is my last, very last spinal treatment.

Internet. Tuesday. Be there or be square.

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