Friday, September 27, 2013


Blognari has reached over 10,000 unique views, friends! In celebration I'd like to make a special post, but to do that I feel it only proper to write about something you guys want me to. So if you have any requests, feel free to let me know. I may even try to tackle all of them provided I don't get an overwhelming amount of suggestions.

In the meanwhile, I'd just like to thank you all for your continued interest in my writing. It means a lot to me. I never thought anyone but family would read regularly when I started this blog just a few years ago (old entries are actually from another site that I transferred over one-by-one), yet here we are.

Just a few more stats to reflect on:

The most viewed entry is Golf Drinking Games.
Most of my viewers are from the United States with Sweden coming in second. Hi Sweden.
The majority of my readers use Firefox.
The most used operating system of my viewers is Windows.
The majority of my traffic comes from Google.
The most commonly used search term that leads users to my blog is Blognari.

The least viewed entry is No Sleep For The Sleepy.
The country that has viewed the least of my writing is South Korea.
The least used browser for my blogs is Opera.
The least used operating system of my viewers is Samsung.
The least amount of my traffic comes from Deviant Art.
The least commonly used search term that leads users to my blog is circumcision. lol, what?

I've got a cold and just sneezed not once but nine times, so I think I'll wrap this up. Do you know what happens when you sneeze that many times individually? Your eyes water so badly it looks like you're crying. Huh.

Thanks again for reading!

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