Friday, October 4, 2013

Sacagawea Dollars

Original dollar.
Back in 2000 my grandfather, an avid coin collector, gave me a freshly minted Sacagawea dollar. I carried it with me everywhere like a lucky penny. Not so much for luck, really, but because it made me think of my grandfather who I love dearly.

Later that year they released a collector's edition of the coin featuring a hand painted Sacagawea. My grandfather of course ordered one. Upon seeing it, he knew it was too funny not to get me one also. And thus he presented to me the whitest Sacagawea ever.

Painted dollar.
True Fact: Lewis and Clark's journals mention Sacagawea by name seventeen times, spelled eight different ways. Clark used Sahkahgarwea, Sahcahgagwea, Sarcargahwea and Sahcahgahweah, while Lewis used Sahcahgahwea, Sahcahgarweah, Sahcargarweah and Sahcahgar Wea. Because that is how a Lewis and Clark do.

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