Tuesday, May 19, 2009

No Sleep for The Sleepy

Today begins with a dentist appointment. Though, I guess begins is a bad way of putting it since I've been up all night. Nothing important, my teeth are always totally dapper. It'll just be an exam/cleaning and my dentist hassling me about how much sugar I eat and how much coffee I drink despite the fact that my teeth are always fine. In fact, I dare say they've got it backwards and my abnormal sugar intake is what makes my teefs so fantastic!

I feel compelled to annoy my dentist as much as a dentist tends to annoy you groping around in your mouth. I did it once a few years ago. Brushed my teeth, got all ready to head out and then decided to eat a handful of Cheetos just to spite him. Don't get me wrong, he's a great dentist, that's why I see him here instead of well, anyone else elsewhere. But no one likes someone else's hands in their mouth.

Conversation was priceless, "Did you eat Cheetos before coming?"
I manage, despite his hands in my mouth, "Yush."
The dentist blinks a time or two behind his Dr. Green glasses, "You knew you had a dentist appointment?"
I grin as much as I can, "Yush."
He blinks again, "Alright..."
He was not as entertained as I was.

Then I have a few hours of nothing to do since it's maintenance day for Warcraft and all of my consoles/movies are in Florida and all the humans I know will be at some form of work. I could sketch, but I feel as though I am tempting a dangerous fate sketching. My pen is almost out of ink so the only way to ensure any flow at all is to heat that beast up. Pretty soon there is going to be a horrible explosion of plastic, metal tips, and ink and I'll be the unfortunate victim.

At five I have another doctor's appointment. Basically the same thing they've done to my hands, on my feet. I know, I'm so stoked. And by "stoked" I mean "full of dread." Then, since it's been about a week, I'll be able to schedule the doctor's appointment to get the verdict on my zombie hands. With any luck they'll just tell me on the phone and not make me come in to hear about it. I swear they try to lure me into the office far too often. They get the same amount of money either way, they may as well save us all a little time.


P.S. Did I mention my dentist hums while he works? It's fantastic. Doo doo dodo doo doo~

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