Friday, September 20, 2013

Movie Going: Pacific Rim

Took a stroll through Old Town yesterday, ate crab legs, bought saltwater taffy, saw Pacific Rim, then ate gazpacho.

Pacific Rim was pretty good. The supporting actors were better at acting than the main characters, which was kind of awkward but not totally distracting. The plot reminded me of Forever Bound by Joe Haldeman (included in the book of short stories entitled Warriors I edited by Martin and Dozois) with a bit of Attack on Titan thrown into the mix.

I found it fairly predictable but enjoyable regardless. It had the guy who played Thomas from The Event, the guy who replaced Michael in The Office (also Heimdall), the dude who portrays Warlow from True Blood, the man who played Owen Harper from Torchwood, and Ron Perlman in it.

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