Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Television & Disappointment

TV shows have a way of somehow mattering in your life. Not on any significant level, if your priorities are straight and you're a sane person, but enough to make you care at least enough to bring it up in conversation when a relationship ends, a character dies, or the show reaches its final episode. If the writing is good enough it may even move you to be actually be upset or happy. What happens to Battlestar Galactia's Boomer, for example, or Hurley's character development on Lost.

Unfortunately writing that good is pretty rare and I can count the amount of times this has happened on just my hands (and I'd probably have digits left over).

Due to the constraints of parenthood I now spend a lot of time watching television shows where before I'd be doing something more interactive and engaging like playing video games. Often it's just background noise to keep my brain from turning to gaga mush, but sometimes I watch legitimately. I need most of my brain focused elsewhere and my hands free, so TV is great. Rather, Netflix is great because it revolves around my schedule and is cheap.

Never before have I been genuinely disappointed in something a television character has done before tonight watching season five episodes of Nip/Tuck. Which I guess kind of says a lot because if you removed the depravity from the show there'd be nothing left. But tonight an ultimate low was achieved and I watched in mild horror as a character did something I not only didn't anticipate but wholeheartedly found loathsome. It wasn't on such a level as to make me quit watching of course, but it was enough that I stared wide-eyed, mouth agape the entire duration.

Just, wow, man. Wow.

Has something similar ever happened to you? Include spoiler warnings!

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