Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Thank You, Internet

So my cat needs antihistamines on a daily basis. As many of you have read before, he suffers from terrible chronic allergies that make him a licking, biting, scratching mess uncontrolled. For a couple of months now we've been taking him to the Vet and buying his medicine there, $15.00 for a month supply.

The idea of this going on perpetually began to seem a little daunting. I don't even spend $15.00 a month on my own terrible allergies. If mine get so out of hand I need medication, I can buy several months worth of antihistamines for the price it costs to get him a single month supply. Then I remembered something important.

We have the internet.

I did a quick Skynet search for his medication and found we've been paying way too much. Like, I understand businesses mark up their products to cover operational costs, but this was something else entirely. Don't get me wrong. The people at the Feline Clinic are very kind and generous with their time. They clearly care a great deal about cats and while I will continue taking my cats there for their exams and the like, I think from now on I'll be buying his pills from the internet.

Just how much were we over paying? Well, let me put it into perspective for you. We were paying $15.00 for 30 pills at 4mg each. I found out that a bottle of 1000 of the exact same pills at 4mg each only costs $10.00 from the supplier. There's also the convenience of not having to leave my house.

The Vet always wants to see him before refilling his antihistamines. Which means we have to put the big lug into his carrier and drive him over there. Not a big deal if your cat weighs less than 25 pounds. Kind of a chore when he's basically a dog. The price of the visit isn't bad, especially since they give us a 50% off discount. But that still means, essentially, for one month of treatment we're paying about $40.00, between the exam and the medication itself. He's basically all better now so long as he takes his pills, we no longer need the peace of mind seeing the Vet monthly provides.

TL;DR: Neelix is all better now but still needs antihistamines daily. The Vet overcharges for antihistamines. We now buy his antihistamines online

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