Monday, September 26, 2011


I don't mean to alarm you or anything, but I think I'm turning into a raisin. After a long morning spent avoiding my responsibilities, I got into the shower. You think, nothing abnormal there, right? You're wrong. Before I even had a chance to get wet yet, I look down and my fingers looked like this:

 Which meant that when Aaron turned around from washing his face he was met with this:

Why is this happening to me?!
Only I was naked (and not in the computer room). He couldn't take my dire concern seriously at all as result and seemed more entertained than worried. He then went back to washing his hair. I bet he will take me more seriously when he wakes up tomorrow finding I had transformed into a pile of raisins in the night. How can you marry a pile of raisins? I don't think that's legal.

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