Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Three Weeks

Another week has gone by so here I am with a weekly update! Everything is still awesome, not that that's any shock to anyone. We traveled by train (choo choo) from Sacramento to San Jose for a big party. The journey there was cool in it's own right, since I've never traveled any significant distance by train. Let alone a two story train with electrical outlets and diners inside.

The scenery in California going anyplace is fantastic, but by train it seems especially so. Lots of contrast in the environment: marshes, plains, cities, forests, farms, mountains (or giant hills), etc. Go anyplace at all and you'll probably see at least a combination of 3 of those. Not like most other places I've been where it's virtually all sparse, flat land.

Here is a cloud, also a vineyard.
The party was also great, not that anything less was expected. There was drunken tomfoolery, geekery, drunken geekery... You know, all those things I enjoy the most. Sean's a generous host and all the people out here are just nice to be around. I think over the last year I've met more people I like in California than I have in the past 10 years living in elsewhere.

The journey back by train was even cooler since it was dusk. The sun setting behind a mountain casting shadows over plains dotted with marshes was very pretty to say the least. I was a little worried initially that my motion sickness would rear it's ugly head on a train, but I was actually pretty fine. A little dizzy but no worse than if I had been in a car. Actually, probably a little better than if I had been in a car. Which is interesting to know.

Now we're back in Sacramento. On Friday we've plans to go hang out with my uncle from San Fransisco. I don't get to see him nearly enough considering he's my favorite uncle, so that'll be sweet. Until then it's Soul Calibur IV, Diablo II on Nightmare difficulty, Dawn of War II, Stargate, South Park, The Office, and Lost! And probably tons of other less nerdy things, but if you're reading my status updates online, the geeky things are probably more interesting to you anyway.

tl;dr: fun stuff happened, more fun stuff happened, I'm doing fun stuff.

P.S. Keep an eye on my Deviant. I do have something special to post for having reached 4000 views, I've just been having too much fun to upload it. Or finish drawing it for that matter. Ahem.

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