Sunday, April 18, 2010

Oh, Ohio

As many of you are already aware, I am safe and sound back in Ohio. Though I left my heart in California (along with my sweater, incidentally).

My flights were pretty uneventful this time around. From Sacramento to Denver I sat beside a big big fat who kept complimenting my jewelry. Then from Denver to Akron my seat was all by itself so I didn't have to deal with strangers. It was cold though with no sweater.

Comedy happened when I forgot my watch was set to PST. I felt like I had been on the plane for at least 4 hours, looked at my watch only to see it was 8pm and thought I had only been on the plane for a single damned hour. Then, several moments later the captain tells us to prepare for landing. I was like, "Hrp. Why are we landing 3 hours early?"

Shut up.

Upon arrival I was whisked away to Denny's for midnight breakfast. Pancakes, hashbrowns, bacon, sausage, and coffee. I hadn't eaten anything since tasty breakfast hotdogs, so I was fairly famished. You read that right. Though saying I just had a hotdog for breakfast is misleading. I had a hotdog slathered in BBQ sauce with piles and piles of bacon on top. Bacon is a breakfast food, right?

While waiting on our food, using sugar packets, I taught my mother how to play Magic, so that if I were so inclined, I'd have someone to play with here in Amish land. I think the only thing dorkier than sitting in Denny's at 2am, if you hadn't just come from a bar/club/party, is sitting in Denny's at 2am teaching your parents to play a card game (that isn't poker).

When I actually got to the house Neelix was eagerly awaiting my return at the door. He immediately planted his giant head in my palm, forcing me to pet him. Not that I wouldn't have otherwise, but he lacks patience of any sort.

Sticking with tradition, I got Swine Flu. Again.

This time totally Aaron's fault.

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