Friday, February 19, 2010

Something Amazing, Other Things Not So Much

I noticed something funny today while packing last minute for Florida. It's this: when I want to go someplace I am ready in advance. When I am going some place I either have little or no interest in going, I delay packing as long as I can.

For instance, while I am only just now packing for my journey South, which takes place tomorrow at dawn -- I already have things packed for my trip West which isn't even until next Month. In fact, I booked my flight and started packing for that in the end of January.

As if being ready will make time speed up. Then of course being unprepared will slow time down.

Update: I just got a call. Due to my travel companion being summoned to jury duty my journey is being delayed until next weekend. Maybe there is some sort of magic to my method. Though, I was kind of looking forward to finally getting this over with tomorrow.

On a side note, this is the second person I know who has been summoned to jury duty this week. And neither of them live in the same state. I think the government may be selecting you guys to serve your civic duty off of my friends list. You've been warned!

In other news (such a subtle transition), something amazing happened today. I was expecting a gift on the 18th that UPS reportedly delivered on the 16th. Though there was no box on my porch, nor notice about having missed a package. UPS delivered it to the wrong address.

Bummed but determined, I went on a Box Hunt. Trudging through 4 feet of snow with a flashlight, I checked the empty for-sale house to the right of mine and asked the neighbors living on the left of my house and across the street if they had perhaps gotten it. No luck. In fact the old couple across the street, who do little but stare out their huge picture window at the passing traffic all day reportedly hadn't even seen a UPS truck. The package was reported as missing, but naturally the UPS delivery guy swore he delivered it to the right place.

Just when hope had pretty much flown the coup on the matter, a visitor shows up. I peek out of the window and see some car in the driveway I don't recognize. I open the door regardless, armed of course with 4 dogs and a canister of mace in my pocket, and it's some timid-looking man with a box.

He lives way way down the street, pretty much where you first turn onto it (no where near the right address), and had come to deliver my unopened package that had been incorrectly delivered to him. What a nice guy!

In most places I've been, while people won't tamper with mailed envelopes, receiving an incorrectly delivered package was almost always considered fair game. Despite both being illegal. I guess the temptation of a whole box of something is just too great for most people. Thus the amazement.

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