Friday, February 12, 2010

The Olympics, Also Puppies

The Opening Ceremony for the Winter Olympics just concluded. It was... interesting. When Great Britain's athletes came out it looked like an invasion force, since most other countries up until that point only had like 1-6 athletes and then they emerge with 50. I thought that was funny.

Acts varied from honoring the native tribes to tap dancing violinists wearing a lot of plaid, which was apparently inspired by a tavern and really potent alcohol (their quote, not mine). Oh, and Mounties. Towards the end a technical difficulty left the torch bearers standing around smiling for longer than planned, which incidentally was also funny.

Once that was sorted out, Wayne Gretzky ran his torch outside to the official outdoor cauldron. He didn't run very far though before they loaded him into the back of a truck and drove him to the cauldron site. My only conclusion is that Wayne Gretzky is too cool for running, which is hard to contest. He is pretty cool.

Tomorrow, after a 6 hour drive, this happens:

No words. Just cuteness.
I'm going to try my hand at training this puppy so that when it comes time for me to train my own puppy as a Hearing Assistance Dog, I'll have a little experience with it. The practice puppy, if you will! This is my mother's new pet by the way. Not mine. Just to clear that up. I just have a goldfish and a cat, personally. Much to my dismay you can't train an assistance goldfish.

Olympics = Amusing. New Puppy = Adorable.
Goldfish = Too small for a vest.

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